-Removal of inorganic substances by chelation(EDTA-Ca)
-Easy application with lubricating action
-Provide a clean,smear-free canal wall

① Apply Endo@prep gel

② Apply NaOCI

③ Bubbling Effect


#501 Gel Type 9g Syringe * 2ea / Disposable tips
#502 Cream Type 9g syringe * 2ea / Disposable tips


Kim HJ, Park SJ, Park SH, Hwang YC, Yu MK, Min KS. Efiicacy of flowable gel-type EDTA at removing the smear layer and inorganic debris under manual dynamic activation. J Endod 2013:39:910-4.By Prof.Kyung-San Min in Chonbuk National University school of Dentistry.


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