NO MIXING Easy and fast

NO STICKY Excellent handling

NO MESSY Perfect occlusion accuracy

#701-1 Start Kit
Ezi-Crown LC A2(15g) * 2ea
Ezi-Crown LC A3(15g) * 2ea
Ezi-Block 1.2ml x 2ea
Ezi-SEP 5ml x 1ea
Ezi-Clear 50ml x 1ea

#701-2 Ezi-Crown LC A1 15g x 3ea
#701-2 Ezi-Crown LC A2 15g x 3ea
#701-3 Ezi-Crown LC A3 15g x 3ea

1. Apply Ezi-SEP on the tooth.
2. Cut off approximate amount of Ezi-Crown
3. Delivery to mouth with Ezi-Crown.
4. Making the occlusion. Have a patient bite softly to register occlusal surface and adjust
5. Apply the light(20 Sec.)
6. Remove the cured Ezi-Crown form the tooth, and apply the curing light inside agin. (20 sec.)
7. If you need polishing and trimming, do that with lab. Carbide bur or silicone point.

Single Crown

1. Preperation

2. Block out for undercut

3. Vaseline Application

4-1. Taking Ezi-Crown Apply Ezi-Crown

4-2. Apply Ezi-Crown on the crown

5. Making occlusion and shaping the crown

6. Curing 20 Sec.

7. Removal & Trimming

8. Fixing with temporary cement

Bridge Case(Duplication tech)

1. Removal of old fixed bridge

2. Block out of undercut with Ezi-Block

3. Impression taking for duplication of previous bridge using Ezi-Clear(PVS)

4. Removal of old bridge & tooth preparation

5. Filling Ezi-Crown on the tray, delivery it to mouth and curing the material(20 Sec.)

6. Removal of impression tray

7. Trimming

8-1. Final temporary bridge

8-2. Fixing on the tooth with temporary cement

Relining Case

1. Temporary implant bridge was not fully fitted by prosthetic error

2. Vaseline Application

3. Resin relining on # 12 margin area

4. Fixing on implant

5. Carving of the resin

6. Lignt curing 10 Sec.

7. Removal temporary Bridge

8. Resin relining on pontic area


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