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■ Any-Flex™ (Heavy, Light, Bite-blu, Clear)

Any-Flex are hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression materials in the types of Heavy, Light…


#901 Heavy-body 50ml Cartridge*4ea
#902 Light-body 50ml Cartridge*4ea
#903 Bite-Blu 50ml Cartridge*4ea
#904 Clear 50ml Cartridge*4ea

Working time

Items Working Time
Setting Time
(Intra-oral, 23℃)
Shore A
Light 1:30 3:30 52 / 48
Heavy 1:30 3:30 65 / 60
Bite–blu 0:20 0:30 91
Clear 0:30 1:00 70

It is used for the one-step(Light body and Heavy body) or two-step(Light body and Putty) Impression taking of individual or whole teeth in the mouth.

It is used for the one-step taking of whole teeth or individual tooth with Light body.
And it is used with Light-body to make a precise impression

It is a bite registration impression material to measure of the occlusal surface, impression of the teeth of a 3-dimension position for the maxilla and mandible. It has a short polymerization time and a high final hardness.
It is easy to use and removal of the low elastic deformation is suitable for bite registration.

It is used for one-step taking of several teeth. Own characteristic allows penetration of dental curing light’s source, so it is possible to cure the inside material