Any-Com™ Universal

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■ Any-Com™ Universal

Light-Cured, Radiopaque nano-hybrid
zirconium composite for the restorative
treatment of anterior and posterior teeth.

Application Ranges

– Class Ⅰ~Ⅴ fillings
– Reconstrucion of traumatically affected anterior
– Correction of shape and shade for better aesthetic appearance
– Locking, Splinting of loose anterior
– Repairing veener
– Filling deciduous teeth
– Core build-up under crowns
– Composite inlays
– Depth of cure : 2.5mm (10 seconds)


#301-3Any-Com Universal
Shade selectable
Any-Etch 3ml syr. *1ea
Any-Bond 5ml bottle. *1ea

Physical properites

Compressive strength

Flexural strength

Elongation percentage

Application Method for Inlay case

1. Apply Any-Etch 10sec., rinsing and drying.
2. Apply Any-Bond on the cavity

3. Reconstruction undercut

4. Or filling the BODY SHADE on the deep cavity

5. Curing light 10 sec.

6. Apply “Universal enamel 1 Shade” or “Universal enamel 2” on cured body. And cure 10sec again.(2nd curing step) Note. Please fill the enamel shade under 0.3mm of final filling. And then, Please make the teeth grove and fill the margin in detail. After making grove, please cure the resin.(3rd curing step)

7. Result
Completed inlay resin on the teeth

8. Please refer the status of the separated resin.

Clinical case


A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A2E, A3E
B1, B2, B3, B2E, C2, C3
D2, D3, OA2, OA3, TL, WT, OP