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■ Ezi-Crown™ LC

Light-Cured, Temporary crown and bridge

Ezi-Crown LC offers a simple way of making temporary inlays, crowns and bridges.


NO MIXINGEasy and fast

NO STICKYExcellent handling

NO MESSYPerfect occlusion accuracy

NO NEEDNo impression process


[Note] For severe under-cut, please apply about 5 sec light curing on material surface, after that remove them from teeth, please apply inside again.


Ezi-Crown LC 15g*3ea
Any-Flex Clear 50ml cartridge.*1ea
The-SEP 5ml syr.*1ea

Ezi-Crown LC 15g*3ea

Physical properties

 %e2%91%a0ezi-crown-compressive-strengthCompressive strength

%e2%91%a1ezi-crown-flexural-strengthFlexural strength


Ezi-Crown 15g*3ea

THE-SEP (Seperator)

Any-Flex Clear (transparent impression)

Application 1 for single crown

1. Apply vaseline on the teeth.
2. Cut off approximate amount of Ezi-Crown.
3. Apply Ezi-Crown.
Press into place, shape and sculpt.

4. Make the occlusion. Have a patient bite softly to register occlusal surface and adjust.

5. Apply the curing light
(Curing time : 20 sec.)

Application 2 for bridge case

1. Apply Any-Flex Clear on teeth directly or on the tray
(Setting time : 1’30”)

2. Prior to preparation or extraction of a tooth, take impression using Transparent silicone. Preparate and dry the tooth.

3. Apply Vaseline (water-soluable separator THE-SEP) on teeth.

4. Inject Ezi-Crown to the prepared impression tray.

5. Put the impression tray with Ezi-Crown on teeth.

6. Apply curing light (Curing time : 20 sec.)

7. Removed the cured Ezi-Crown From the tooth and apply the Curing light again on the inside. (20 sec.)

8. If you need polishing and trimming, use a carbide bur or silicone point.

9. Apply temporary cement (Any-Temp Clear)